30 questions

English translation of 30 questions about Transgender law.

Source: https://www.voorzij.nl/

(Sexual) Harassment:

1: How do you prevent men who identify as women and have, for example, been convicted of assault, murder, sexual assault, rape or Syrian gangsterism from ending up in a women’s prison among vulnerable women who have no place to go?

2: How do you prevent men who identify as women and who have previously been convicted as men of peeping or exhibitionism from being allowed to freely hang out in restrooms and locker rooms intended for women?

3: How do you ensure that, if this law is abused, the government has the right to reverse the change in gender registration to protect future victims?


4: What are considered violations of the law on discrimination based on changed sex in the birth certificate?

5: Is it considered a hate crime to “misgender” people and therefore precludes any reporting/reporting of misconduct by a trans identifying male?

6:May a women’s beauty salon refuse to wax the genitals of a man identified as a woman?

7: May women/girls, who see a man in their women’s locker room, toilet or shower, contact security or police, or must they first ask him for his birth certificate?

8: Are they, or the operator, guilty of criminal discrimination if it later turns out that that person has officially registered as a woman?

9: How do you prevent that in these precarious situations women/girls no longer dare to seek (professional) help because they are afraid to be accused of discrimination or even hate crime?

9: May women ask for a female doctor/gynaecologist in the hospital or in the general practice, not being a man identified as a woman?

10: May women in elder care and patients with Alzheimer’s/dementia expect to be assisted by female staff in such matters as intimate hygiene? These patients often can no longer express themselves well but instinctively know who is male and who is female.

11: Can it be considered discrimination (or even hate crime) if a lesbian woman refuses to date a man who identifies as a woman?

12: Is it discrimination if a female employee at the Justice Department refuses to search suspects or convicts who identify as women but are in possession of male sex organs? Or conversely, if a suspected or convicted woman refuses to be searched by an employee who identifies as a woman but possesses male secondary sexual characteristics? The same applies to searches, for example, at Schiphol Airport.

13: To what extent will gender-critical opinions of individuals and organizations be protected in the law? Will people who publicly (for example, at work, or in social media) say that biological sex is unchangeable be protected in their free speech and freedom of belief and conviction, or will it soon be considered “hate speech” and criminally prosecuted?

14: To what extent are people and organizations protected who are thwarted or barred by large, influential third parties (e.g. banks, tech companies) by depriving them of basic rights just because they see the concept of gender as an immutable biological fact?

15: If people with male bodies can also be ‘women’, is discrimination based on pregnancy and childbirth still discrimination based on gender? Example: If a pregnant woman is fired or denied a contract extension because she is pregnant, she can currently challenge that as sex discrimination. On what basis can a pregnant woman still challenge her dismissal after this law is implemented?

Children and parents

16: Will parents lose parental authority over their child if they disagree with or prefer to wait for physical treatment of gender dysphoria (puberty inhibitors, hormones, surgery) for their child?

17: May a school “socially transition” (change names and pronouns) a child without parental consent?

18: How do you ensure the safety of children (girls) during e.g. sports, vacation camps, school trips, when the desired female companion can also be a man who identifies as a woman (possibly convicted of pedosexual offences)?

19: Are psychotherapists allowed to treat dysphoric children other than with affirmation? Is any other form of (identity exploring) therapy considered “conversion therapy”?

20: Will regular psychotherapy for children with gender dysphoria soon be prohibited?

Clash with rights of other minorities

21: If men are also allowed to identify as women, how are the rights of women from ethnic/religious minorities (e.g. Muslim/Jewish) valued, who are not allowed to be with strange men in a public space where they change clothes, play sports, swim and so on? In a conflict between two minorities like this, how is it decided whose rights are more important? According to what criteria?

22: How do you guarantee the rights of lesbian women who want to be among women and have mutual meeting places without having to provide access to men who identify as women?

Collecting and interpreting data

23: How will suspects be registered by the police: by gender or by gender identity? Is it possible to make a good profile of a suspect if his sex has changed on paper?

24: How will criminals be registered in statistics: by sex or by gender identity? How do you prevent the falsification of crime statistics, for example of sex offenses? If crime statistics show an increase in the number of women over a number of years, how can they be interpreted correctly?

25: How are statistics on health and well-being recorded: by (biological) sex, or by gender identity? How do you avoid contamination of data and statistics and the associated health risks?


26: Will all sports be mixed and all teams mixed, or will there soon be an option to play sports only with biological women?

27: How do you guarantee the physical and mental integrity and safety of female athletes (both amateur and professional) in contact sports in which they are at risk of serious injury in contact with men who identify as women (transwomen), both as fellow athletes and as opponents?

28: How do you guarantee that female competitive athletes (both amateur and professional) can achieve their own ambitions without being outmatched by men (transwomen) who identify as women?

Women’s quota

29: How will you ensure that the women’s quota is indeed filled by women and not by men who have had their birth certificates changed (possibly temporarily)?

Final chord

30: Is a women’s choir required to rehearse bass and baritone parts with men with a bass voice or baritone voice who identify as women?

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